Annette R. Richards, EFT Practitioner, Michigan


Introducing Annette...

     I am a highly skilled EFT Practitioner, with 30 years in various fields of general and clinical social work, rural and urban settings, office and home based service settings.

In 1998 I started thinking 'there must be a faster way to help people feel better.?  I was for years working with people living from generation to generation of alcoholism to child abuse, who moved therapist to therapist, from program to program with no real gains or lasting changes.  Turns out, Gary Craig, a Stanford trained engineer interested in personal development noticed the same darn thing. In 2006, I was attending a conference for self-hypnosis when the presenter answered an attendee's question with "EFT" and go to ""  Later that same year those words came up again, and by January 2007, I sat for a session to become completely cleared of a nicotine addiction I'd suffered with since my teen aged years.  

I own the entire EFT Library and I rely on and reflect on its material as my client's problems relate.  I took and passed exams offered by Pat Carrington in 2008, and then passed Gary Craig?s EFT 1st examination in July 2009, to now hold an EFT Advance Practitioner from AAMET.  I have successfully used EFT with over approximately 500 people since 2007 with impressive results: there was not one situation in which EFT did not make improvement is my client's well-being.

Based on my many years in various capacities in human services, my philosophy is that no person is the sum total of the worst thing that ever happened to them, or the worst thing they have ever done. I find Emotional Freedom Techniques is a concise learnable intervention that heals people and relationships, brings forgiveness, and works peacefully to help us to accurately perceive Earth as Heaven.

My Professional Background includes:

Helpline volunteer 5 years. Domestic Violence Counselor. Substance Abuse Assessor for Medicaid Pre-Authorizations. Court Screener.  District Court Probation Officer.  Tribal Court Probation Officer. Children's Foster Care Worker. Child and Family Therapist for Severely Emotional Disturbed Children.  Office and Home base experience.  Expert testimony experience.  Volunteer Youth Mentor.  Volunteer Board Member for Youth Assistance Organization. Current employment is in a medical setting.

I have carried a bookmark from The Menninger Foundation for over a decade. I want to share it here; the message has constantly served to ground me in my own life and the one I have as a person who helps others for a living.  It reads:
  My memberships and associations:
  • Sunrider Distributor since 1997
  • Student of Unity from childhood
  • Member of Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, ACEP, since 2008
  • Volunteer board member of the Pontiac Youth Assistance Board and Volunteer Oakland County Circuit Court, Family Division, since 1997 to 2011.
  • Prison Outreach Volunteer, 2009 to 2013
  • Former Board Member for the Pontiac Creative Arts Center
  • Former Member of MI-CURE Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants
  • NASW member
  • ACEP member
  • AAMET member

Website Disclaimer:  

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